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Chili Legends


Meat lovers and vegetarians were and are always been not quite green. But why is that so? Find a possible answer in the adventure Chili Legends. Led by a nasty and vile alien slug starts the meat the invasion against the vegetables planet, to smooth them all.Don't hesitate a moment longer: Take on the role of Chili - the Veggie-Warrior - and play the adventure of Chili Legends. Arm yourself! Protect your buddies! Fight against the nasty meat and save the vegetables in this really cool game!
★ What makes Chili Legends so awesome:
✔ 5 Worlds and over 60 Levels✔ Arm yourself with many weapons such as a bow, shotgun, bazooka and a laser✔ Protect yourself with armour and become a cool mech✔ Cool graphic-design, music and gameplay✔ Special-Effects
★ NOW with NVIDIA Shield Support
A - JumpB - FightX - Jump through the wallsY - Throw a drop of water
to play Chili Legends on a console and tv.